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Appletree Storage’s Self Storage Tips

When you take on a self storage project, look to tips from the experts to stay organized! Appletree Storage is the area’s choice for premier self storage units with three locations around Baton Rouge, LA. Look through our available storage units near you to find your spatial solution, and let these self storage tips guide you through the packing process.

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Self Storage Tips for Staying Organized

How to Choose Your Storage Facility & Storage Unit

Where in Baton Rouge can you find reliable self storage? And how can you choose where you want to store your belongings? Consider a few factors before making your decision.

You want convenience most of all—whether the storage facility is close to your home, work, or along your commute. Your storage rental should be easily accessible in your regular routine. In addition to proximity, you should be searching for storage facilities that offer the kind of features you need. If you are looking to store moisture-sensitive items in temperature-controlled storage, you need to double-check your storage facility offers indoor storage. If you would prefer drive-up storage units, see that you do not accidentally store with an all-indoor storage facility.

Appletree Storage offers three self storage locations around Baton Rouge, LA. Find us on Perkins Road, in St. Amant, and in Gonzales. Explore what we offer at the different locations, and use our online storage calculator to help pick out your storage unit.



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Packing Tips: Packing Boxes

1. Take Time on Your Preparation

Odds are you are storing at least a few fragile items. Glass, electronics, ceramics, at other breakable materials are best protected when they have padding surrounding them in the box. Stock up on newspaper and bubble wrap before you start packing! Our Appletree Storage offices sell storage supplies so you can start off on the right foot. Stop into the office for supplies and expert storage advice. You can also reference our Self Storage FAQ for quick answers to your questions.

2. Pack Heavy on the Bottom, Light on Top

One of the biggest packing tips we can give you is to pack your big, heavy objects on the bottom and your lighter objects on top. Whether that be stacking boxes or packing items into boxes, you do not want fragile items getting crushed during their time in storage. Your heavier boxes should still stay a manageable lifting weight.

3. Clean & Cover to Maintain Good Conditions

Sitting by itself in a storage unit, an object will collect dirt and dust. Do not make matters worse by having that sit on the dirt that is already covering the object. If you would prefer to return to items in ready-to-use conditions, clean your items well before storing. Then cover items like appliances and electronics to keep them clean long-term from odors and damage.

4. Keep it Air-Tight to Keep Out Moisture & Pests

Take measures to keep pests away from your belongings. As the weather outside gets rough, animals are looking for enclosed safe spaces. You can ensure bugs, animals, and more do not make their ways into your items by keeping everything stored in air-tight bins. They can prevent smells from spreading and access to your items that might attract unwanted visitors. They will also keep your belongings safe from moisture build-up and the damage that comes with it.

self storage tips - packing storage unit Packing Tips: Packing Storage Unit

1. Have a Layout Plan

It is a good idea to know how you plan to lay out your storage unit before you show up to pack in your belongings. Understand the amount of storage space in your rental in relation to the size of the items you are storing. Ideally, you will have enough extra space in your storage unit to navigate through your items and access all corners of it. We recommend keeping items you will need frequently close to the front for a quick grab and keeping more valuable pieces secured in the back.

2. Make the Most of Your Storage Space

Do not pay for more space that you need! A smaller storage space might be exactly what you need—just add a shelving unit to stack your boxes safely and maintain a level of organization.

3. Don’t Store Perishables

There are a lot of things you can store with Appletree Storage, but it is important to know what you should avoid storing. Perishable foods will go bad in a short period of time and attract different kinds of pests into your space. also notes money, flammable objects, and hazardous materials as items that are commonly prohibited in self storage facilities.

self storage tips - vehicle storage tips Vehicle Storage Advice

We have said all along that proper preparation is key to maintaining good conditions long-term—and that same sentiment especially applies to vehicles. A car needs extra care before being placed dormant. Change the oil, fill the gas tank, and add a fuel stabilizer to ensure your vehicle is close if not ready to use by the time you return to it. These steps help to avoid moisture build-up that can lead to damage. Then as your last step before storing, clean the vehicle inside and outside and cover it if you have the means. See more vehicle storage tips from Edmunds.

Two Appletree Storage facilities—in St. Amant and Gonzales—offer covered vehicle storage options. Find storage near you for your car, boat, RV, or trailer!

Appletree Storage in Baton Rouge, LA

Are you ready to tackle your storage project? Appletree Storage has the space and resources you need to take on any residential or commercial storage in the Baton Rouge, LA, area. With a location on Perkins Road and two additional storage facilities in nearby Gonzales and St. Amant, you are close to reliable storage space. Across our different locations, we offer temperature-controlled as well as drive-up storage units. Talk through your rental with one of the storage experts in our offices to make sure you get the proper protection for the items you are looking to store. Rent or reserve your storage unit with the Appletree Storage location closest to you!

rent storage online - Appletree Storage in Baton Rouge LA

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