Packing Tips: Get Quality Storage Supplies!

When you pack up your belongings for storage, you are putting a lot of trust in your boxes and packing materials. Make sure you have quality storage supplies each time you put your items away in a storage unit. Appletree Storage has three locations in Louisiana, two of which sell storage supplies on-site, so your items will always be prepared for any last minute needs. Follow these tips to pack up your items safely!

1. Boxes with Breakables Need Padding

You should pack bubble wrap or something soft both around and in between your breakable objects. Do not give fragile materials like glasses or ceramics space to move around in a box. Once you pack in all your objects, fill the rest of the space with newspaper or towels so they do not knock into each other and break.

2. New Boxes are Safest

If you are packing for a move, you are going to need a lot of boxes. Start collecting boxes and other packing supplies right away so you can pack over time. Make sure the boxes you acquire from stores or friends are sturdy enough to store your belongings. You can reduce the risk of the bottoms of the boxes falling through by distributing the weight of your items across multiple boxes. It is natural to pack your largest objects in your largest boxes, but that ends up making your boxes pretty heavy. Keep boxes manageable by packing heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes.

Need Storage Supplies? Come to Appletree Storage!

Appletree Storage has three locations across Louisiana: Baton Rouge, Gonzales, and Lafayette. Each site is equipped with affordable storage units, two have storage supplies. During October, we are donating a portion of our supplies sales to Susan G. Komen to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Stop by the office closest to you to find boxes, bubble wrap, furniture covers, and more!

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