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How to Pack Your Storage Unit Efficiently

When you are renting self storage, you want the biggest bang for your buck. You are storing precious memorabilia and items that you rely on, so you want to make sure your storage unit is ideal for protecting its contents. Appletree Storage experts can help match you to a storage unit that will best fit your items and budget. We also offer storage resources, like supplies and tips for how to best pack your storage unit, for an easier storage experience!

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Self Storage Tips: How to Pack Up a Storage Unit & Stay Organized

1. Plan How Your Boxes Will Be Laid Out in Storage

This will not only help you choose the right size storage unit, but it will also keep you organized. Having a strategic plan for your layout will save you time when you have to move into your storage unit, move out, and any time you need to find a specific item. Create an aisle down the center so you can still easily access items in the back, and arrange your items with the ones you will access most frequently at the front.

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2. Be Mindful of Your Boxes’ Weights

When stacking boxes, a light box will be crushed under too much weight, risking damage to both the box and the items inside. Always keep your lighter boxes on top, and use heavier boxes and objects as your base to pile up. Shelving units can help balance out the weights of your boxes as well. Use this same rule of thumb when packing your boxes. Heavier, sturdier objects can act as a foundation in your storage container for lighter items to be stacked on top. Pay attention to the packing materials you are working with, and try not to push the weight limits on them—you still need to be able to comfortably move all of them!

3. Label Bins and Boxes Well

When you label your boxes, include the room of the house/building they belong in (kitchen, master bedroom, etc.) as well as a list of the contents of the box for quick unpacking. You can reference your list to find specific items without pulling open each box. It might seem a little tedious when you are first packing up, but when you are later in a hurry to find something in your storage unit or exhausted from unpacking, you will be thanking yourself.

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Appletree Storage offers a range of storage unit options across three locations near Baton Rouge, LA. With temperature-controlled and drive-up storage solutions, you will find all the space you need for your residential or commercial storage needs. Stop by our storage office to stock up on supplies like boxes and furniture covers before packing up your storage unit. We offer everything you need to pack up valuables and breakables and keep them secure throughout their time with us. Find the Appletree Storage location closest to you to get started. Then rent your storage online!
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