How a Small Business Can Grow Using Self Storage

Businesses need space to grow. Self storage can help make that happen. Appletree Storage has three convenient locations close to Baton Rouge to get you started. Whether you are just starting your business or need to clear some supplies from your workspace, Appletree Storage has you covered with affordable and versatile business storage units.

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When Self Storage Can Help Your Business

You do not need boxes of inventory taking up room in your workspace, especially if that workplace is at home. Keep home life and work life separate by storing the items you do not every day in a storage unit. Here are some reasons you may want to rent self storage for your business: 

  • Starting up
  • Moving locations
  • Expanding in personnel or product
  • Storing inventory or equipment

What Businesses Should Rent Self Storage Units?

Well, all of them. But there are some businesses and professions in particular that benefit from having extra storage space.


Generally, contractors have a lot of equipment and supplies they need to take on jobs. That means they have a lot of equipment and supplies they do not need to take on each job, and that is where self storage comes in. Renting a storage unit close to your job site keeps your truck clear for only the tools and supplies necessary for the project at hand and clears shop workspace. Painters, construction workers, electricians, and more can benefit from extra storage.

E-Commerce Businesses

Managing your business from home is all fun and games until your inventory starts to take over your house. You work hard on your business every day. You do not need to be reminded about it during off hours. Rent a storage unit to keep your inventory safe until you are ready to ship it out to customers.

Retail Store Owners

Retail businesses, particularly those in transition or with limited physical shop space, can find value in extra self storage space. Whether it’s seasonal decorations, excess inventory, or special event materials, storage units offer a secure and accessible place to keep these items until they are needed. This not only helps in keeping the shop uncluttered and customer-friendly but also aids in inventory management. Retail store owners can rotate stock efficiently, storing off-season items without overcrowding the sales floor. If you are looking to renovate or move your store, self storage provides a temporary home for merchandise, ensuring business continuity and minimizing disruption.

Sales Representatives

Sales representatives’ main responsibility is being able to show the potential customer the product and its features. If you are selling a lot of products, you will need a lot of space for them. That does not have to be the personal storage space in your house. Especially if you travel frequently, keeping a storage unit with your products in a central location will make your life easier.

Appletree Storage Facilities Near Baton Rouge LA

Your business deserves the best. If you are looking for self storage for your business in Baton Rouge LA, look no farther than Appletree Storage. With locations in Lafayette, LA; Gonzales, LA; and in Baton Rouge, LA, Appletree Storage is convenient for you! With a range of storage unit sizes in temperature-controlled and drive-up options, we can help match you with exactly what you need.

Find your self storage solutions today online. Our online storage rentals make the process of searching for and renting a storage unit simple. Use our storage calculator and self storage FAQ to guide you through any questions that pop up, or give the Appletree Storage office closest to you a call to talk about it with our experts. Rent a storage unit today and get organizing right away, or reserve one for future use!

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