Do Not Make These College Student Storage Mistakes

Tired of dragging your belongings between school and home in between semesters? Now that summer is approaching, it is time to find your items a home. Leave them with Appletree Storage in Baton Rouge, Gonzales, or St. Amant, LA, until it is time to set up a new school apartment in the fall. We have state college storage units fit for any need. As you prepare for storage, be sure you do not make these college student storage mistakes!

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Top College Student Storage Mistakes (AKA What Not to Do!)

Ending up with the Wrong Size Storage Unit

You do not want too little space, but you also do not have to pay for more room than necessary. Appletree Storage’s online storage calculator can give you a storage unit sizing estimate to comfortably fit your items. It only takes a few clicks to enter the items you plan to store, and the tool will suggest a size. For a more exact recommendation, call or visit the location closest to you to speak to one of our experts. They can walk you through the storage process and answer any questions you may have.

Not Getting Storage Protection

Getting storage protection is a must to protect the value of your items in the event of any damage. If you go through our online storage rental process, you will see the protection plans that we offer. We offer different plans to fit different budgets. If you are providing your own protection plan, you will need to show proof of the plan during the rental process.

Packing Carelessly

Your items deserve proper care. Taking the time to wrap up fragile items and pack up your boxes appropriately will significantly reduce the risk of damage. Come by our storage office to purchase boxes, locks, bubble wrap, and more! And follow the rule of packing lighter the higher up you pack. That means keeping heavy objects on the bottom of your boxes (and storage unit) to avoid squishing lighter objects.

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Ready to find your storage unit online? Appletree Storage offers contactless storage rentals, so you can handle everything from getting your questions answered to renting storage through our online tools. We want to provide our customers with contact-free methods of securing storage, both for safety and convenience.

Appletree Storage has three locations south of Baton Rouge to set you up with college student storage units. Find the location that is most convenient for you. Then rent or reserve your self storage unit online with Appletree Self Storage!

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