Storage Tips

Why temperature controlled storage?

Climate control maintains a steady temperature of 55–80° using central air conditioning and heat. This insulates your things from the damage that severe hot or cold weather can cause to items stored in storage units.

What should or should not be stored?

Storage is an excellent option for storing overflow of many different types of materials from your home or business. Appletree Storage frequently gets questions about what is acceptable to store so we’ve compiled a list to provide more information on what works for storage.

Security options for storage

When selecting storage you’ll want to understand what kind of security is in place to keep your items secure. Since security measures vary according to facility policy, cost, and even geographic location we’ve put together a list of some things to keep in mind when looking for self storage.

Choose the right size

Estimating how much space you will need for your storage items can be easy if you know what you want to store.

Insuring your stored items

It’s important to insure your items since items in storage may not be covered by other policies such as homeowner or rental insurance.

Vehicle storage

Any type of vehicle can be stored in self storage to free up space in your garage. We’ve compiled some considerations and common requirements for storing your vehicle at a self storage facility.

Packing storage efficiently

Storage doesn’t have to be a space you visit once or twice a year to dig something out of a stack of boxes. They can be highly organized, easily accessible spaces that free up necessary space in your home or office. To get the most out of them, though, it is best to plan ahead before you start loading up the truck.

Hints for packing and storing

Plastic bags and labels for easy identification, Notebook and pencil for carton identification log, Markers and labels for identifying contents of cartons, and boxes in sizes ranging from book boxes to wardrobes are just a few of the professional tricks we can provide.

Comparing outdoor, indoor, and drive-up storage

These are the three most common types of storage. Review our guide to understand the differences and decide which type is right for you.

Choosing boxes and packing materials

Once the decision to move things into storage is made, the next step is to decide how to pack them correctly.


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