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December 2, 2020

Prepare Your Vehicle Before Storing It For Winter

As winter reaches its peak, you should be packing seasonal valuables away if you have not already. Winter weather can wreak havoc on vehicles, but self storage facilities offer different options to keep your prized possessions away from slush and road salt. Appletree Storage has three locations that have options for vehicle storage in the winter. Browse through our self storage facilities in Gonzales LA, Lafayette LA, and Baton Rouge LA to find the self storage that best serves you. Then start preparing your vehicle for storage with these tips!

Give Your Car a Good Cleaning

The idea is to leave your vehicle in the best condition possible, so when you return to it at the end of its storage period, it is ready to go. The first step you should take is to clean your inside and out. Scrub off dirt and grime, and give the exterior a good wax. Next, tackle the interior. Clear any trash and vacuum up crumbs to avoid attracting pests.

Fill the Gas Tank

Your last stop before one of our Appletree Storage facilities to drop off your vehicle is the gas station. You should fill your gas tank before you leave it in storage, especially if you plan to keep it in storage for a while. If you are going to leave it in storage for more than three months, you should add stabilizer into the tank to absorb any moisture. This will help prevent gum and varnish.

Find Vehicle Storage for the Winter at Appletree Storage

With four self storage facilities around Baton Rouge LA and Lafayette LA, Appletree Storage has the area’s premier storage options. We offer everything from interior, temperature-controlled storage units for your fragile possessions to ground-level drive-up storage units for easy unloading. Our large drive-up storage units can also fit your vehicle if you need storage for the winter. However, Appletree does have outdoor parking for vehicle storage at our Gonzales LA facilities. Find the right storage for you with our contactless storage rentals online!

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